Cyber Security Risks in Healthcare

Hardware Risks in Healthcare

Cyber security risks in healthcare are a significant concern due to the sensitive nature of the data involved and the potential consequences of breaches.
The healthcare industry is a vital component of a nation’s critical infrastructure. The various entities that make up the healthcare sector perform tasks ranging from day-to-day activities to life-saving operations. But while the majority of us depend on the industry for our well-being, malicious cyber actors view healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) as attractive targets. From their mass data collection to their low tolerance for downtime, HDOs are the perfect victims. Further, as the COVID pandemic overwhelmed the industry, several new vulnerabilities arose, which cybercriminals exploited.

Despite the high susceptibility of attacks and cyber security threats in healthcare, HDOs tend to undertake a weak approach to cybersecurity. The lack of sufficient measures often stems from budgetary constraints and competing priorities. But, for many HDOs, the main cost of cybersecurity is its disruptiveness; additional barriers and protocols take time away from providing patient care. Nevertheless, with the industry so reliant on technology, a lack of healthcare IoT security has a direct effect on patient care.

Managing Hardware Related Risks in Healthcare (pdf)
November 18th, 2021