Hardware Detection and Response (HWDR)

Get Hardware Detection and Response cybersecurity delivered as a service with continuous hardware assets monitoring.

You are not a hardware security specialist. You don’t have to be!

Free up IT and security teams to focus on business enablement, and leverage superior hardware asset security insights delivered as a service.

Reduce the risks and costs with hardware related, security incidents and data breaches

Sepio HWDR cybersecurity service provides organizations with outsourced 24/7 management of hardware security-related incidents and threats.

Sepio HWDR - Reduce the risk

Get more value from your existing security tools and technology by boosting their performance

Sepio HWDR unique trafficless approach is compatible with your existing cybersecurity tools. A perfect combination of technologies to detect hardware-based attacks in real-time.

Sepio HWDR - Value from existing tools

Our hardware security experts detect, Identify and mitigate hardware related threats as soon as they’re connected

Sepio’s Hardware Detection and Response (HWDR) provides a continuous, expert-managed service focused on protecting cyber-physical systems (CPS) from hardware-based cyber threats. Our specialists are adept at detecting and mitigating risks to hardware components, USB peripherals, network devices, and their interconnected systems.

Sepio Discovered Assets

Sepio Discovered Assets

Hardware Detection and Response (HWDR), a dedicated continuous hardware-centric cybersecurity service

With deep expertise in hardware vulnerabilities, the Sepio team responds swiftly to threats, ensuring minimal disruption and robust protection of your essential data from complex hardware-based attacks. Entrust us with managing all hardware-related incidents, allowing you to concentrate on achieving your business objectives.

Sepio HWDR Discover Icon

Discover and accurately detect all hardware assets

Sepio HWDR Enforce Icon

Enforce flexible, scalable policies and meet regulatory requirements

Sepio HWDR Mitigate Icon

Mitigate risks from rogue assets

Sepio HWDR reduce icon

Reduce hardware clutter and optimize budget spending

Sepio HWDR Integrate Icon

Integrate seamlessly with your existing security solutions

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Certified – SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27017

Hardware Detection and Response use cases

Desired Outcome: Enhance your IT and Security teams with specialized hardware threat experts.
Solution: Our elite team of hardware security experts provides continuous monitoring of your hardware assets. Ensuring detection of rogue devices, and other hardware-based threats. Sepio’s physical layer-based, patented technology provides state-of-the-art hardware threat detection capabilities – wider coverage with better accuracy.

Desired Outcome: Decrease your response time to hardware-originated threats significantly.
Solution: Sepio’s HWDR team can take immediate, expert-led actions to neutralize and mitigate hardware threats. Responding and resolving issues within minutes. Substantially faster than conventional software-focused responses. Sepio’s expert will set up the right rule sets and policies as per your organization’s guidelines.

Desired Outcome: Identify and mitigate threats originating from hardware vulnerabilities that traditional cybersecurity tools typically cannot detect.
Solution: Leveraging physical layer-based, deep hardware examination techniques, Sepio’s team conducts proactive searches to uncover subtle indications of compromised hardware and swiftly eliminates such threats. Enhancing your security posture beyond the capabilities of common software-only solutions.

Desired Outcome: Integrate and maximize your existing security infrastructure with a focus on hardware vulnerabilities.
Solution: Whether enhancing your current security tools or implementing new ones, Sepio’s HWDR service amplifies your return on investment by extending protection to the physical layer of your technology stack. Through sophisticated integration and data correlation with your NAC, XDR, DLP, or other tools, Sepio filters out irrelevant alerts and focuses on genuine hardware threats. Ensuring clarity and precision in threat management.

Sepio offers a unique detection solution. Providing visibility into all hardware connected assets

Access cybersecurity as a service, featuring ongoing monitoring of hardware assets. By doing so, mitigate risks and lower the costs with hardware-related security incidents and data breaches.

Sepio Visibility Overview

Sepio Visibility Overview

Take the first step. Discover how Sepio HWDR can protect your network from malicious devices

Our experts will help you understand Sepio’s patented technology and how its unique trafficless approach can help you detect unwanted assets and rogue devices effectively.

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