Comply with CIS Critical Security Controls

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management Platform helps you implement the CIS Controls.

Comply with CIS Critical Security Controls

Critical Security Controls

The CIS Critical Security Controls were originally developed by the SANS Institute in order to identify crucial real-world cyber-attacks and share valuable information on how to take action.

Today, the Controls are led by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and are updated by an international community of cybersecurity experts. They reflect the combined knowledge of experts across various sectors, in every role and from every part of the ecosystem.

Sepio CIS-Implementation Groups

CIS Controls Implementation Groups

The CIS Controls IGs are three self-assessed categories for enterprises. Each IG identifies a subset of the CIS Controls recommended and prioritized for a given type of enterprise with a certain risk profile and available resources for such CIS Controls implementation.
Sepio‘s solution is well aligned with the CIS framework and its proposed best practices.

Mapping Sepio’s solution to CIS Controls

Learn how Sepio can help you follow specific safeguards within the various implementation groups in the CIS framework.

We would love to show you how Sepio's solution actually works.

Sepio generates a physical layer visibility fingerprint vector for every connected device, based on multiple parameters, which is then analyzed by our ML-based algorithm resulting in a new visibility level never available before.