Enable GDPR Security Compliance

Sepio follows the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, regulation framework for data protection and privacy. With a proactive identification and detection of all devices in IT networks, and 100% visibility, Sepio protects organizations and reduces the cybersecurity risk.

GDPR compliance for cybersecurity

Sepio and GDPR Compliance

The GDPR compliance (gdpr.eu) requires that organizations should take appropriate actions to manage cybersecurity risk.

Sepio’s solution offers 100% visibility to accurately detect and identify all IT/OT/IoT assets on USB and network interfaces – managed, unmanaged, and hidden.
Sepio supports the cybersecurity efforts, helping organizations with GDPR compliance for data protection.

Layer 1 and GDPR compliance for cybersecurity

Layer 1 and GDPR compliance

Traffic-based security solutions fail to cover Layer 1 (the Physical Layer), resulting in an inaccurate asset inventory, unaccounted vulnerabilities, and unidentified risks in IT networks.

This lack of visibility means alignment with the GDPR compliance is limited because there are uncontrolled cybersecurity risks, which ultimately puts data organization at risk.

GDPR regulation and Sepio HAC-1 activities and outcomes

GDPR compliance and Sepio solution outcomes

Sepio’s solution helps organizations fulfilling GPDR compliance by:


  • Cybersecurity risk management: Sepio’s solution detects and identifies all IT, OT, and IoT assets, whether they are managed, unmanaged or hidden, using multiple Layer 1 parameters and machine learning, thereby providing 100% asset visibility.
  • Protect data against attacks: Through Sepio’s Asset Risk Management Platform and Zero Trust Hardware Access (ZTHA), Sepio’s enhances and automates policy enforcement, preventing unauthorized devices from gaining access and causing disruptions to critical operations.
  • Detect cybersecurity events: By identifying anomalies in a device’s ID and digital fingerprint in real-time, Sepio’s solution detects malicious/rogue devices, or those which breach the pre-defined policies established by the system administrator.
  • Minimize and respond to cyber attacks: When a device breaches the pre-set policy or gets identified as malicious, Sepio’s solution instantly sends an alert and initiates a mitigation process that blocks the device.

Let us show you how Sepio’s solution can achieve 100% visibility, using Physical layer (L1) as the new data source.

Sepio’s solution generates a physical layer fingerprint vector for every connected device, based on multiple L1 parameters, which is then analyzed by our ML-based algorithm resulting in a new visibility level never available before.