Want to secure all of your customers’ assets?

Our solution will make sure that your customers will have their crown jewels well protected.


Your customers trust YOU

Your customers trust you to ensure business sustainability by mitigating cyber risks and protecting them against criminal activities

The increased reliance of organizations on MSSPs means that they have a greater responsibility to provide their clients with sufficient hardware protection.

While significant resources are allocated to strengthening the cyber security posture, cyber criminals are still succeeding by exploiting unprotected domains, hardware-based attacks being the emerging threat.

Main Benefits


Enabling VAS

Extending your value added services offering to your customers.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Risk Management Compliance

Achieving a higher level of risk management compliance.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Sensitive Customers Data

Making sure that manipulated Hardware devices are not used for ex-filtrating your customer’s data.


Full Asset Visibility

Making sure that all assets are known and accounted for.