Why is Physical Layer (L1) visibility essential for your cybersecurity posture?

Manage your hardware assets related risks using our HAC-1 Hardware Access Control solution and reclaim your visibility.

Financial Institutions - International

Financial Institutions

For banks, insurance companies, payment processing and ATM operators.

Healthcare Institutions - International

Healthcare Institutions

Ensure service continuity and prevent data breaches by mitigating cyber risks and protecting them against criminal activities in the healthcare IoT/IoMT domain.

Critical Infrastructures - International

Critical Infrastructures

Strengthening Electric, Oil & Gas, Telcos and ISP’s cybersecurity posture when mitigating hardware based attacks.

Why Sepio?

  • Ultimate Visibility
  • Hardware Policy Enforcement
  • Rogue Device Mitigation
  • Low Cost of Ownership
Office without hardware assets control Office with hardware assets control

Simply Visibility

Make the most out of your existing cybersecurity automation products and professional security teams.

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Understanding Zero Trust Hardware Access: An Introduction to the Sepio Platform

This report explains hardware security for zero trust and illustrates the concept using the Sepio commercial solution.


Mission Possible – Printer Hacked

Did you think that this only happens in the movies? Think again.


Baptist Health Case Study

IoT use cases in healthcare – HAC-1’s seamless integration with third-party tools makes it an important layer in Baptist Health’s Zero Trust approach.

Sepio Cybersecurity Asset Management