NIST Cybersecurity Compliance and CFS Controls

Sepio follows the NIST Cybersecurity guidelines and best practices by identifying and detecting all the devices in your organization infrastructure – even those you were unaware of.

Sepio and NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Sepio and NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance

Sepio is adopting the National Institute of Standards, NIST Cybersecurity Framework – policies, standards, guidelines, and best practices to reduce and manage cybersecurity asset risk for enterprises and organizations.

Sepio’s solution offers proactive identification and detection of both known and shadow devices in the network and 100% asset visibility. Sepio protects your enterprise and elevates your cybersecurity posture.

NIST adoption and IT secure networks

NIST framework adoption and IT secure networks

Organizations struggle with uncontrolled cybersecurity risk because they are unable to protect and secure their networks and assets from IT devices that they cannot see.

Sepio’s asset risk management solution is NIST compliant and provides enterprises the asset visibility needed to fulfill many of the CSF controls.

Sepio supports and strengthens enterprises and organizations’ overall cyber security efforts. We utilize Layer 1 data to accurately detect and identify all IT/OT/IoT assets on USB and network interfaces. With Sepio’s solution,  no device or asset goes undetected, whether it is managed, unmanaged or hidden.

Let us show you how Sepio’s solution can achieve 100% visibility, using Physical Layer (L1) as the new data source.

Sepio’s solution generates a physical layer fingerprint vector for every connected device, based on multiple L1 parameters, which is then analyzed by our ML-based algorithm resulting in a new visibility level never available before.