Zero Trust Hardware Access

Zero Trust Hardware Access

Sepio platform implements a Zero Trust Hardware Access policy by verifying the device’s true identity with Layer 1 Visibility information. Extensive built in threat intelligence database for known-to-be-vulnerable devices provides additional valuable risk scoring.

Zero Trust Hardware Access Case Study Brief

Enterprises face challenges in gaining accurate visibility into hardware assets, especially in today’s extremely challenging IT/OT/IoT environment. In order to address this challenge, ultimate visibility into your IoT hardware assets is required. Regardless of their characteristics and the interface used for connection as attackers.

In this case study brief, we report a Man in The Middle attack over a network printer in a financial institution. In this case, a Raspberry Pi 4, configured in transparent bridge mode, spoofing a legitimate printer. Leaking PCL files being sent to the enterprise’s network printer. Additionally, the exfiltration occurred through the built-in AP functionality in the RP4 device (Printer Security Vulnerabilities).

Zero Trust Hardware Access with Sepio

Sepio is the leader in zero trust hardware access policy, visibility, control and mitigation of hardware assets. It is disrupting the cybersecurity industry by uncovering hidden hardware attacks operating over network and USB interfaces. Sepio’s asset risk management platform, identifies, detects and handles all network devices including peripherals. No device goes unmanaged (ThinkShield Hardware Defense).

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
Talk to an expert. It will help you understand how to use Sepio’s patented technology to gain control of your asset risks.

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May 2nd, 2021