Asset Risk Management (ARM)

Asset Risk Management

The Sepio platform, Asset Risk Management (ARM), controls asset risks by automatically enforcing specific hardware usage through granular access controls. Which are defined by the system administrator.

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform sees, assesses, and mitigates all known and shadow assets at any scale, as fast as they are added by anyone, anywhere. By leveraging the physical layer data source, we get to the true source of assets. Providing you a new dimension of asset visibility that simply wasn’t possible before. In a single product, Sepio platform unleashes the power of the entire asset security ecosystem. With agnostic, actionable visibility and infinite scalability that is critical to cybersecurity risk management.

Holistic, Objective Truth

Sepio goes beyond industry standards by harnessing properties at the physical layer to generate an objective Asset DNA profile for every known and shadow asset. Regardless of its functionality, providing trusted visibility across Cyber Physical Systems. Asset DNA enables Sepio to identify all IT/OT/IoT/peripheral assets. Even those that lack unique identifiers and are difficult to detect using other methods.

Our unique approach and patented algorithms mean Sepio is untainted by misleading profile perceptions and behavioral assumptions. That can deceive even the most robust cyber tools and result in erroneous risk management practices. With Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform, your enterprise benefits from a centralized source of holistic and reliable asset visibility.

Actionable Visibility

Seeing is the critical prerequisite – but what you see is only as useful as what you can do with this knowledge. Sepio helps you instantly understand what needs attention by automatically generating an asset risk Factor (ARF) score for every asset. Based on Asset DNA and contextual business, location, and rules, the asset risk Factor (ARF) prioritizes risk to provide a new element to complete asset visibility.

The asset risk Factor (ARF) alerts you of high medium low risks to expedite time to resolution, identify regulation gaps, and prevent crises.
Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform, accounts for any changes to an asset’s ARF by continuously monitoring the entire asset infrastructure to detect any behavioral changes or anomalies.

Big data and machine learning, augmented by OSINT data sources, provide up-to-date threat intelligence on asset vulnerabilities to further optimize IT efficiency. The real-time actionable visibility helps your security team better understand your asset attack surface and manage risks proactively.

Asset Risk Management – Control and Mitigation

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform, enables organizations to control asset risk. By automatically enforcing specific hardware usage through granular controls, predefined by the system administrator. Customers can establish multiple differentiated policies based on several parameters, including asset hardware and software characteristics. Such as device type or vendor, or custom tags. With flexible, fine-grained control, organizations can manage their asset risks according to their specific business needs and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, Sepio’s platform compares Asset DNA and ARF with your preset rules and directly connects it to an enforced policy. Any changes to an asset are accounted for and the appropriate policy applied. Assets that breach the preset policies or get recognized as known attack tools by Sepio’s internal database are immediately blocked through third party tools. Enabling instant and automated risk mitigation.

Infinite Scalability and Low Cost of Ownership

You can’t protect assets without scale. Sepio’s unique trafficless approach enables painless asset risk management across the entire ecosystem. By eliminating network dependencies on exponentially growing traffic, privacy concerns, and the onus of analyzing with no IT nightmares, encrypted/protocol specific traffic.

With no IT nightmares, no privacy infringements, and no compliance issues (regulatory compliance). Sepio Asset Risk Management platform is easy to deploy and run. It’s a product, not a project. Deployment time frames are measured in person hours not person years. Enabling a fast time to return on investment (ROI) in even the largest deployments. Sepio Asset Risk Management platform does not require specialized staff or additional hardware, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.

Optimize your Cybersecurity Investments with Sepio Solution

Sepio Asset Risk Management platform offers unparalleled visibility of an organization’s asset ecosystem. Enabling the IT department to reduce hardware clutter and, thus, optimize budget spending.

Sepio Asset Risk Management platform integrates seamlessly with multiple cybersecurity solutions, such as CMDBs, NACs, EDRs, XDRs, Zero Trust solutions. Without Sepio, these solutions can’t complete their mission. By radically augmenting the power of existing tools, Sepio gets you more value from your IT and security investments.

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management Platform

Asset Risk Management (ARM) necessitates comprehensive awareness of all assets. As risk mitigation is impossible without visibility. In the ever-expanding and unregulated ecosystem, enterprises face difficulties in monitoring their assets. Regardless of their location, installer, or usage, whether known or unknown, Sepio ensures complete visibility of assets.

Sepio utilizes the physical layer to offer a novel level of asset visibility, accompanied by an integrated Asset Risk Factor score. By harnessing the capabilities of the entire asset security ecosystem, we deliver actionable visibility and limitless scalability. Which are crucial for effective asset risk management.

Apart from offering extensive insight into the deep physical layer visibility, a robust policy enforcement system suggests optimal policy practices and grants administrators the ability to establish either stringent or highly detailed rules for the system to uphold. These capabilities facilitate the adoption of a zero trust hardware access approach. Should a device violate the predefined policies, Sepio promptly initiates a mitigation procedure, instantly preventing unauthorized or rogue hardware access control.

We provide tangible benefits to any IT department. See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
Talk to an expert. Our experts will help you understand how to use Sepio’s patented technology to gain control of your asset risks.

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November 29th, 2022