About Sepio

About Sepio

Our Mission

Sepio is here to provide the actionable visibility to continuously manage risk of all known and shadow assets at any scale.

Actionable visibility, objective truth, and infinite scalability are the pillars of Sepio’s Asset Risk Management (ARM) solution that enable companies to grow securely and efficiently.

Our mission is to instill confidence for companies who need to manage risk of their continuously expanding, uncontrolled ecosystem of connected assets. With Sepio, security and IT teams will manage asset risk with confidence and painlessly, relieving them of the burden of complicated and expensive deployments, noise, or cost.

Our Values

We understand the responsibility that comes with protecting our customers’ most valuable assets. Our level of professionalism and transparency makes sure that our customers as well as our employees will always know what to expect from us.

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Making sure that we deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers in the most professional way.

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Being clear and transparent when engaging with customers and employees.

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Equal Opportunity
Being indifferent to gender, religion, territory – consider all as equal human beings.

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Giving Back to the Community
We are a product of our community, and our obligation to give back to the community and its future generation.

Our Investors

Join our team

We have diverse and talented teams with a curious mindset. Join our team and be part of a mission where you’ll have an immediate impact on our solution and customers. Check out our open positions.