Deeper Visibility, Fewer Blind Spots, Lower Risk.

Mastering the Unseen: Navigate and simplify the growing complexity of connected assets, known and rogue, at scale.

You might be seeing only 40% of your assets, those missing could be rogue devices. Imagine your organization’s power if we removed your blind spot.

At any given time, any financial organization is blind to more than 60 percent of assets connected to their network. This is due to the size and complexity of networks, coupled with BYOD and remote work. As a result, enterprises are not aware of their ever-growing asset vulnerability surface, leaving risks uncontrolled. Failing to manage asset risks can lead to compliance breaches, service disruptions, and reputational and financial damage.

To gain control of assets and their associated risks, many leading financial organizations deploy Sepio’s Asset Risk Management solution.

Use Cases and Main Benefits

Cyber Security for Financial Institutions and Mitigate ATM Attacks

Mitigate Hardware based Attacks
Prevent network MiTM, USB spoofing and other popular attacks by uncovering rogue devices.

Prevent breaches

Complete Asset Inventory
Achieve deeper and better visibility of connected assets regardless of location, size, type, and behavior.

Prevent Breaches

Prevent Breaches
Enforce organization granular policies and strengthen cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Security for Financial Institutions and Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance
Support compliance with regulations including GDPR and NYDFS Cyber Insurance Risk Framework.

Cyber Security for Financial Institutions and Budget Resource Planning

Budget & Resource Planning
Effectively manage budgets and reduce hardware clutter.

healthcare asset management

Close NAC Gaps
Improve NAC efficacy and bridge its existing blind spots.

Connected assets in financial institutions are growing at a rapid pace

To have full control of your assets and to be able to locate them physically or on the network, you need ultimate visibility down to the Physical Layer, making sure that no asset goes undetected. Using its patented technology, Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform provides you with ultimate visibility based on Physical Layer data, which does not require traffic monitoring. Whether its a known or unknown asset, you are no longer kept in the dark.
You can now validate and establish trust for every asset based on its risk, making sure that you focus on the highest risk assets that may affect your operational continuity.

Sepio Cyber prevent ATM attacks

Cyber Security for Financial Institutions: Prevent ATM Attacks

Almost 70% of all Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are vulnerable to hardware-based attacks, which take only a few minutes to execute. More than 500 man-in-the-middle attacks took place in the first half of 2022.

Hardware-based ATM attacks are a significant threat as they go undetected by quotidian security software solutions; network implants, which do not have a Layer 2 (MAC) presence, cannot be picked up by NAC/IDS solutions. To overcome this challenge, Sepio’s Asset Management Risk platform extracts data from the physical layer, instantly detecting unwanted assets. Sepio’s field-proven ATM Asset Risk Management solution has the largest deployment across the globe among leading ATM vendors.