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Solution Brief: Visibility and Regulations in Financial Institutions 

Financial Institutions cyber security

Achieving complete asset visibility at scale

The rise of connected devices in financial institutions brings an increased level of uncontrolled risks, presenting global regulatory compliance, audit, and network security challenges if left unchecked. Visibility is the foundation to tackling such challenges. Complete asset visibility eliminates blind spots and provides entities with an accurate account of every connected asset and its corresponding attributes.

This serves as the premise for a reliable assessment of an asset’s risk level, whereby the appropriate policies and controls are enforced to meet regulatory standards. Yet, existing solutions, such as NACs and IDSs, fail to provide comprehensive asset visibility. As a result, financial organizations are unable to understand and control asset risks, leaving them in a vulnerable position that undermines their regulatory compliance.

Read our new brief to find out how Sepio can provide you with comprehensive asset visibility and establish hardware asset trust.

The Sepio Platform:

  • Discover all known & shadow assets
  • Provide actionable visibility through contextual risk scores
  • Eliminate blind spots and regulatory gaps
  • Enforce regulation-based policies
  • Mitigate risks from uncontrolled assets
  • Fortify efficacy of existing security tools
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January 31st, 2023