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How to Manage Asset Risks for Financial Institutions

Connected assets in financial institutions are growing at a rapid pace. Having an efficient and accurate asset risk management solution is critical for maintaining business continuity and regulatory compliance.

However, when we asked a major financial client how many assets were on their network, their answer was 800k to 4m. We discovered over 5m assets… Managing asset risks requires you to see and assess all assets – known and unknown at scale. Sepio provides actionable visibility, making sure that every asset is detected, and its risk score accurately determined as soon as its connected by anyone, anywhere.

Using its patented technology, Sepio generates a DNA profile for every asset based on data from the true source of asset risk, the physical layer. This novel approach does not require traffic monitoring, resulting in a painless deployment. Sepio integrates seamlessly with existing security solutions, radically improving their efficacy and generating a higher ROI.

Whether known or unknown, you can now validate, establish trust and enforce policies for every asset – making sure that you focus on those that may affect your business continuity and regulatory compliance. Protect your valuable assets with Sepio.

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December 4th, 2022