Evil Maid Attack – Vacuum Hack Video

Have you heard of an evil maid attacks? Did you think that these types of attacks only happens in the movies? Think again. Your existing known-to-be-vulnerable devices (i.e., wireless HID devices using MouseJack payload) may be easily exploited by attackers to overcome your ZT efforts. Embrace Zero Trust Hardware Access to verify that ALL of your devices may be trusted. Sepio’s HAC-1: Visibility. Control. RDM. Trust.

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You’ve seen these types of attacks in movies and TV shows, but did you think that it was just good editing and special effects? Did you know that these don’t just take place on the silver screen? In fact, they can be carried out in places that you wouldn’t even expect… such as your office, whether it is in the center of the city, or your home in a quiet neighborhood… Check out these videos of how these types of attacks are carried out, and visit www.sepiocyber.com to learn more!