Evil Maid CyberAttack

Vacuum Hack Video

Have you heard of an evil maid attack?  What would you do if you were at work and, your PC started functioning on its own, and you no longer had any control over it? Well, your existing known-to-be-vulnerable devices may be easily exploited by attackers to overcome your Zero Trust efforts… Embrace Zero Trust Hardware Access to verify that ALL of your devices may be trusted.

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You’ve seen these types of evil maid cyberattacks in movies and TV shows. But did you think that it was just good editing and special effects? Did you know that these don’t just take place on the silver screen? In fact, they can be carried out in places that you wouldn’t even expect… Such as your office, whether it is in the center of the city, or your home in a quiet neighborhood…

Sepio Asset Visibility

Sepio‘s platform provides a panacea to the gap in device visibility. As the leader in Rogue Device Mitigation, Sepio’s solution identifies, detects, and handles all peripherals. No device goes unmanaged. Sepio uses physical layer visibility fingerprinting technology and Machine Learning to calculate a digital fingerprint from the electrical characteristics of all devices and compares them against known fingerprints. In doing so, Sepio provides organizations with ultimate device visibility and detects vulnerable devices and switches within the infrastructure.

In addition to the deep visibility layer, a comprehensive policy enforcement mechanism allows the administrator to define a strict, or more granular, set of rules for the system to enforce. When a device breaches the pre-set policy, Sepio automatically instigates a mitigation process that instantly blocks unapproved or Rogue hardware, such as in evil maid attacks.

So, while attackers have found deceitful ways to implant a Rogue Device within a target’s premises, with Sepio’s solution in place, that is about as far as they will go. A vacuum cleaner might be able to hide a Rogue Device from human eyes, but Sepio’s eyes see far deeper.

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
Talk to an expert. It will help you understand how to use Sepio’s patented technology to gain control of your asset risks.

April 21st, 2021