Bonnie Stith, Former Dir. of Cyber Intelligence @CIA

Very insightful interview with Bonnie Stith, Former Dir. of Cyber Intelligence (CIA). She is currently on the Board of Sepio. With her extensive experience and expertise, Bonnie engages in an enlightening conversation with Jessie Amado, the Content Specialist at Sepio, covering a wide array of critical cybersecurity subjects.

Throughout her illustrious career, Bonnie Stith served with distinction at the CIA, where she progressively assumed roles of greater responsibility. Her tenure included leading and managing diverse teams to accomplish various intelligence missions. She culminated her time at the CIA as the Senior Advisor on Cyber to the Director, Central Intelligence Agency, and as the leader of the Center for Cyber Intelligence within the Directorate of Digital Innovation.

During the interview, Bonnie delves into the multifaceted realm of hardware security risks and emerging threats. Drawing upon her deep understanding of the subject matter, she sheds light on the evolving challenges faced in securing hardware systems and the countermeasures required to mitigate potential risks. Additionally, Bonnie offers valuable insights into the intricate landscape of supply chain security, highlighting the importance of robust safeguards to ensure the integrity and resilience of critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, the conversation touches upon the significant role of women in cybersecurity, an area where Bonnie’s expertise and accomplishments make her an inspiring advocate. She shares her thoughts on the under representation of women in the field and offers valuable perspectives on how to empower and encourage greater female participation in cybersecurity.

Overall, this interview with Bonnie Stith provides an invaluable opportunity to gain deeper insights into the world of cybersecurity, exploring the nuances of hardware security risks, emerging threats, supply chain concerns, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry. Bonnie’s wealth of knowledge and experience make her an exceptional guide, illuminating the path forward for organizations and individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the cyber landscape successfully.

October 20th, 2020