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Let us show you how Sepio discovers all managed, unmanaged and hidden devices, based on its electrical existence, and is no longer reliant on traffic focusing on the activity of a device

Your demo will cover:

  • Sepio overview
  • Reviewing a complete asset inventory list
  • Policy enforcement
  • Rogue Device Mitigation – network and USB
  • Reporting and notification
  • Automation and 3rd party integration

Est. duration 45 minutes.

    Take a look at how Sepio provides complete visibility with our Asset Risk Management solution

    Sepio dashboards screenshot

    Reclaim your asset visibility

    Learn how to manage risks originating from your hardware assets, using a new data source – L1 Physical Layer information.

    A complete asset inventory list
    If there is a device somewhere in your enterprise – managed or unmanaged, active or passive, wired or wireless – you will see it!

    Sepio dashboards vulnerable peripherals

    Policy enforcement and regulation compliance

    See how complying to various regulations and directives just got easier.

    Rogue Device Mitigation
    Watch how we uncover spoofing devices – i.e., HID emulation attack tools or network MiTM devices.