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Sepio’s Hardware Access Control solution ( HAC-1 ) enables Physical Layer visibility, providing a solution in device visibility. Not only are all devices visible to HAC-1, but by validating a device’s Physical Layer information, its identity is revealed. The solution policy mechanism enables Hardware Access Control by enforcing a strict, set of rules based on the devices characteristics. HAC-1 instantly detects any devices which breach the pre-set policy, automatically instigating a mitigation process to block the device, thus preventing malicious actors from successfully carrying out an attack.
HAC-1 brings the ultimate solution to effective zero trust adoption by significantly reducing an enterprise’s blind spots. With greater visibility, the zero-trust architecture can grant access decisions with complete information. Thus, enhancing the enterprise’s protection within, and outside of, its traditional perimeters. The Hardware Access Control capabilities of HAC-1, which block Rogue Devices as soon as they are detected, stop an attack at the first instance, not even allowing such devices to make network access requests. Furthermore, HAC-1 supports data access policy development – which the zero trust architecture relies on as a source of information – by enabling the creation of more valid policies based on complete asset visibility. So, while critical infrastructure protects the nation, HAC-1 is here to protect critical infrastructure. Embracing Zero Trust Hardware Access in critical infrastructure is key.