Asset Risk Management for Government and Federal Agencies

Empower federal entities to comply with regulations and manage asset risks.

Government and Federal Agencies

Proactively mitigate constant asset risk

Government and federal agencies are a top target of cyber attacks because of their highly sensitive nature. These attacks have become more sophisticated due to spoofed USB HIDs and physical layer network implants which go undetected and unmitigated by traditional cybersecurity tools.

To overcome these blind spots and establish a secure hardware supply chain, enterprises rely on Sepio’s Asset Risk Management platform which sees, assesses and mitigates all assets at scale.

Use Cases and Main Benefits

healthcare asset management

Complete Asset Inventory

Achieve ultimate visibility of connected assets regardless of location, size, type and behavior.

Prevent Breaches

Prevent Breaches

Enforce organization policies and strengthen cyber security posture.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Help comply with regulations, including NDAA Section 889, CISA BOD 23-01, FCC.

Service Continuity

Service Continuity

Ensure operational efficiency of highly sensitive assets to provide constant services.

Budget and Planning

Budget & Resource Planning

Effectively manage budgets and reduce hardware clutter.

Mitigate Supply Chain Attacks

Mitigate Supply Chain Attacks

Detect and mitigate rogue devices that cannot be identified by existing network security tools.

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