Asset Risk Management for DoD Cybersecurity

DoD Cybersecurity

With criminals and nefarious state actors intent on stealing intellectual property or taking down networks, cybersecurity is a huge concern for the Department of Defense (DoD), US vendors and the state of national security. Risks to IT/OT/IoT infrastructure are on the rise – including hardware supply chain attacks, insider threats from witting or unwitting employees, escalating and emerging threats from around the globe, and the emergence of new and more destructive attacks.

As per GAO’s recommendation, establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and performing effective oversight with regards to mitigation of global supply chain risks and possible malicious hardware is of the utmost importance. Attackers take advantage of “blind” spots – often through USB-emulating devices or physical layer network implants. Tackling this challenge requires actionable visibility of all your assets, based on objective asset risk management that provides an accurate Asset Risk Factor score, regardless of asset characteristics and the interface used for connection.
Securing your assets at the physical layer by using a field proven, patented solution developed by Cyber Physical Security experts, will be the first step in bringing your cyber security posture to the next level.

Ensuring DoD Cybersecurity: Addressing Evolving Threats with Sepio

  • Obtaining visibility to account for all of the IT/OT/IoT assets – knowing what you have, protecting what you own.
  • Establishing a secured hardware asset supply chain – validating that every asset connected can be verified and trusted.
  • Mitigating internal users risks – extending Zero Trust beyond user level to asset level.
  • Detecting and mitigating spoofing devices that cannot be identified by existing network security/visibility solutions.
  • Identifying manipulated HID devices, that impersonate legitimate devices, sharing the same logical identification.

Strengthening DoD Cybersecurity: Protecting Assets with Sepio

Sepio Helps You

  • Discover all known & shadow assets
  • Mitigate risks from uncontrolled assets
  • Reduce hardware clutter
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Achieve a higher security posture

Why Sepio

  • Trafficless: no network dependencies
  • Asset Risk Factor: physical layer based
  • Privacy: no private data probing
  • Automation: 3rd party integrations
  • Painless: deployment in less than 24 hours

Network Security

Uses physical layer information gathered by polling switches and WLCs to analyze the true identity of each and every asset plugged into the wired or wireless Ethernet network, and mitigate high risk factor assets.

Host Protection

Closes peripheral visibility gaps and provides a full asset inventory report. Mitigates rogue devices connected to USB ports through multiple security layers, including real-time behavior analysis of suspicious devices. Any legitimate looking device being used to carry out an attack on an organization would be detected and blocked.

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November 15th, 2022