IoT Hardware

IoT Hardware

Enhance IoT Hardware Security with Asset Visibility

The realm of IoT hardware has swiftly become an integral aspect of our daily lives, encompassing both personal and workplace environments. IoT devices offer convenience and efficiency, allowing us to automate tasks and stay connected from anywhere. However, this increased connectivity also introduces new cybersecurity risks that organizations must address.

IoT in the Workplace

The advantages of IoT devices extend beyond personal convenience and find practical application in the workplace. As a result, organizations are increasingly embracing IoT to unlock operational efficiencies. These devices provide real-time insights into internal systems, such as machine performance and supply chain operations. By automating processes, improving services, reducing waste, and enhancing transparency in customer transactions, IoT devices also contribute to cost reduction and productivity gains.

Is Your Office Coffee Machine Secure?

In the workplace, IoT devices offer numerous advantages, from real-time insights into operations to cost savings and improved services. Employees benefit from increased connectivity, enabling them to work remotely and use personal devices for work purposes. However, this widespread adoption of IoT devices means more devices connected to organizational networks, creating additional entry points for potential cyberattacks.

Even seemingly innocuous devices like office coffee machines can pose a cybersecurity risk when connected to the network. Attackers recognize the opportunity to exploit IoT devices and cause significant damage. The situation is further exacerbated when employees use personal devices for remote work, as these devices often lack adequate security measures and may connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, making them vulnerable to attacks.

IoT Security Challenges in Remote Work

Using IoT devices out of office does not alleviate the risk; in fact, it only proliferates it. COVID-19 has meant many employees are working from home and this often means using personal devices to do so. This emphasized BYOD effect provides perpetrators with an easier way of gaining access to an organization’s network. This is due to the fact there are not only more devices being used, but these devices often have insufficient security measures to detect IoT security vulnerabilities – let alone prevent – an attack. Additionally, working remotely can allow employees to work over public Wi-Fi hotspots which can be manipulated to provide bad actors with network access.

To effectively mitigate the risks associated with IoT devices, organizations need full visibility into their hardware assets. This is particularly challenging given the increasing number of connected devices and the shift to remote work. Sepio offers a comprehensive solution that provides enterprises with complete visibility into their infrastructure, including hidden hardware attacks operating through network and USB interfaces.

Sepio’s IoT Hardware Security Solution

Sepio’s unique Physical Layer fingerprinting technology identifies and detects all peripherals connected to the network, leaving no device unmanaged. This holistic approach enhances cybersecurity posture by eliminating the need for manual reporting and legacy inventory reports. With Sepio’s solution, organizations can confidently answer critical questions about their IoT devices, such as the presence of implants or spoofed devices, the number of IoT devices in use, the top vendors for connected devices, and the vulnerability of network switches.

By gaining visibility across all IT assets, organizations can establish a robust cybersecurity defense and significantly reduce the risk of successful hardware attacks. Sepio’s solution empowers organizations to proactively protect their infrastructure and ensure the security of their IoT devices.

In conclusion, securing IoT devices requires comprehensive hardware asset visibility. With Sepio’s platform, organizations can effectively identify and manage all connected peripherals, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks. By prioritizing IoT security and leveraging Sepio’s expertise, organizations can confidently embrace the benefits of IoT while safeguarding their networks and sensitive data.

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August 10th, 2021