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Zero Trust
Hardware Access

ThinkShield Hardware Defense

ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio empowers workstations and servers to autonomously defend themselves against hardware-based attacks delivered via the supply chain or internal threats.

Sepio’s patented technology dives deeper into every device’s true identity, establishing trust at the hardware level to verify all USB connections and detect and mitigate rogue devices – providing Lenovo ThinkShield customers with an additional layer of hardware protection.


More than 50% of threats are designed for USB attacks.


47% of malware was deployed using removable media.


58% of organizations do not use port control/allow-listing software to manage USB device usage.

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Asset Risk Management (ARM)

Sepio’s physical layer-based Asset DNA technology relies on device existence rather than behavior, discovering and identifying all managed, unmanaged, and hidden devices. With its novel approach and complex machine learning algorithms, Sepio gets to the true source of asset risk, untainted by misleading profile perceptions and behavioral assumptions.
Sepio’s platform prioritizes assets based on their risk level and enforces granular hardware access controls, automatically blocking those that breach the preset rules or get identified as known attack tools.

Seeing all network assets is a critical prerequisite for hardware defense. But what you see is only as useful as what you can do with this knowledge.

ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio helps you instantly understand what network devices need attention. Asset DNA technology and policy rules alert you of high medium low risks to expedite time to resolution, identify regulation gaps, and prevent hardware-based attacks.

The real-time actionable visibility helps your security team better understand your device attack surface and manage your hardware defense proactively.

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ThinkShield at the Hardware Level

ThinkShield Asset Visibility

Complete Asset Visibility
Detect and identify all known and shadow assets on USB interfaces. Additionally, gain component level visibility with the hardware bill of materials (A Hardware Bill of Materials) for supply chain verification.

ThinkShield Rogue Device Mitigation

Rogue Device Mitigation
Instantly detect hardware-based attack tools that would otherwise evade existing security solutions as well as devices that breach the pre-set rules. Secondly block these unwanted assets with automated mitigation.

ThinkShield Protect and Control

Protect and Control
Determine every asset’s risk level through multiple risk indicators and eliminate noise with automated risk prioritization, alerting for known-to-be-vulnerable devices. Enforce specific hardware usage with granular risk-based access controls for continuous device verification.

ThinkShield security stack at scale

Complete Security Stack at Scale
Integrate seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions, augmenting them with greater visibility and context. Deploy at any scale for robust Zero Trust Hardware Access across the entire asset attack surface.

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ThinkShield Hardware Defense

Hardware based attacks require the use of rogue devices. Which go under the radar of existing security solutions by operating on the physical layer. ThinkShield Hardware Defense power by Sepio offers a remedy for the shortfall in device visibility, particularly when addressing hardware-based attacks.

Discover how ThinkShield Hardware Defense by Sepio provides enterprises with complete network devices visibility.

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ThinkShield Zero Trust Hardware Access

Organizations face challenges in gaining accurate visibility into hardware assets, particularly within the complex landscape of IT/OT/IoT. In order to address this challenge, ultimate visibility into your IoT hardware assets is required. Regardless of their characteristics and the interface used for connection as attackers.

ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio stands at the forefront of Zero Trust Hardware Access policy (Zero Trust Maturity Model). Offering unrivaled visibility, control, and mitigation solutions for hardware assets. ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio identifies, detects and handles all hardware attacks operating across network devices and USB interfaces. Through its asset risk management platform, Sepio identifies, detects, and manages all network devices, including peripherals. With Sepio, no device remains unmanaged, fortifying organizations cybersecurity risks (Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture).

Talk to an Expert About ThinkShield Hardware Defense

Our experts will help you understand how to use Sepio’s patented technology to gain control of your asset risks. Additionally, providing Lenovo ThinkShield customers with an extra layer of hardware protection.

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ThinkShield Hardware Defense

ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio delivers physical layer visibility. All network devices are visible, and their physical layer information identity is revealed.

The solution’s policy enforcement mechanism enables hardware access control, by enforcing a strict set of policies based on the device’s identity. It instantly detects any devices which breach the pre-set policy and automatically instigates a mitigation process to block the device. Thus, preventing malicious actors from successfully carrying out hardware-based attacks.

ThinkShield Hardware Defense Powered by Sepio brings the ultimate solution to effective Zero Trust adoption by significantly reducing network’s blind spots. Thus, enhancing the enterprise’s hardware defense within, and outside of, its traditional perimeters.

The hardware access control capabilities of the solution block Rogue Devices as soon as they are detected. Stopping a hardware attack at the first instance. Not even allowing such devices to make network access requests.