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HACx Overview

Hardware Security Research

The Hardware Access Control Index (HACx) developed by Sepio seeks to assess enterprises’ hardware security posture through objective indicators. Typically, hardware security fails to receive the same level of attention and funding as other areas of cybersecurity, such as network and endpoint security, thereby creating a blind spot that leaves enterprises vulnerable. Moreover, malicious actors exploit the asset visibility challenge by carrying out destructive hardware-based attacks. The HACx aims to convert this level of vulnerability into numerical values, presenting a clear indication of the enterprise’s hardware security posture to improve situational awareness. In addition to an overall hardware security score, the HACx offers detailed risk insights to deliver a more granular assessment. Further, the HACx presents a peer comparison to indicate how the enterprise measures up to its contemporaries which, in doing so, provides context to the HACx scale.

The HACx contains 7 aggregated indicators, comprised of 29 subindicators and 148 microindicators, that look at both the external and internal threat landscape. Additionally, HACx relies on primary and secondary data sources to provide an objective assessment of the enterprise’s hardware security posture, the results of which get presented on a detailed scorecard.

HACx Overview
January 24th, 2022