Mission Possible – Printer Hacked

You’ve seen these types of attacks in movies and TV shows, but did you think that it was just good editing and special effects?

Check out the latest mission that Mr. Brooks and his team have accomplished. An employee of one of the largest private banks in Europe was accused of stealing millions of dollars from the bank by manipulating SWIFT transactions. However, since no one has figured out how he has done it (and all the cybersecurity solutions were completely in the dark), it was up to Mr. Brooks and his team to obtain proof that he was responsible for hacking the bank… Your security may be good, but not perfect! Blind spots exist and are exploited. Hardware assets are your enterprise’s soft-belly. Should you decide to manage your hardware assets risk and embrace Zero Trust Hardware Access, then Sepio’s HAC-1 solution is your weapon of choice.

January 19th, 2022