Data Center Infrastructure: Problems & Solutions

Securing Data Centers

Securing data centers is crucial. Data centers are facilities that centralize an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment, including computing and networking equipment. Data centers are comprised of routers, switches, security devices, storage systems, servers, application-delivery controllers and more. Therefore, the purpose is to collect, store, process, distribute and provide access to large amounts of data.

Data centers store sensitive and proprietary information such as customer data or intellectual property thereby making them a central component to any organization. Additionally, data centers enable the delivery of shared applications and data. Importantly, backups of data can be stored at a data center.

Most modern data center infrastructures have evolved from on-premises physical servers to virtualized infrastructure. Either way, a data center is an attractive target to bad actors who want to carry out a cyberattack due to the pure fact that they are the central component to an organization and control all its data. The average cost of a cyberattack on data centers is $4,000,000. Hence, a sufficient security system is vital.

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July 7th, 2020