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Cyber Security Threats to Critical Infrastructure & Sepio’s Solution

Critical Infrastructure Risks

There are various critical infrastructure risks, learn how Sepio’s solution can help solve these risks.

What is critical infrastructure?

Firstly, critical infrastructure is recognized by governments as the body of systems, networks and assets (be that physical or virtual) that is so essential that their continued operation is required to ensure the security of a given nation, its economy and the public’s health and/or safety. Essentially, these are OT assets that are crucial for the functioning of society. The destruction of these assets would have a debilitating effect on security in all aspects and the consequences are so perilous that mitigating any threat is imperative.

As critical infrastructure can be a difficult target to attack, a perpetrator would likely be a state-sponsored actor who possesses the necessary capabilities. Additionally, targeting an adversary’s critical infrastructure is a big win. Even if there is no substantial damage, successfully infiltrating a nation’s critical infrastructure can cause significant distress among the population and undermine their confidence in the government’s ability to preserve national security. Again, because of this, it is likely that a culprit would have some ties to a government. 

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April 16th, 2020