The number of organizations that are using MSSPs has increased over the years for various reasons. Importantly, due to the evolving nature of internal and external threats, cybersecurity is not only becoming progressively important, but increasingly complex. Governments, and organizations themselves, are implementing strict regulations regarding cybersecurity and the various components that accompany it. With this, internal security teams are often unable to meet every security requirement of the organization and the government. The complexity and difficulty of securing enterprise technology has led to frustration. This, and other staffing challenges, had caused the number of companies using MSSPs to increase. Additionally, MSSPs can cater to specific needs of an organization.

Many companies are concerned with improving the security of customer-facing services and applications, or addressing existing threats and vulnerabilities – of which MSSPs can provide services for. As such, the benefits of using MSSPs are in abundance, including incident resolution. According to Gartner, through 2021, organizations with MSSP operations that are sufficiently aligned with internal security operations will have a 50% superior incident resolution than organizations that are not. Moreover, a study on organizational security strategies found that organizations utilizing MSSPs made more accurate decisions; they were more equipped to comply with regulations and requirements, especially those who require an intimate visibility to all enterprises IT/OT/IoT assets; and, ultimately, customer experience had improved, and relationships were enhanced.

Rogue Device Risks

Sepio’s solution first establishes the visibility layer, upon which all other security related features are based upon – All devices will be accounted for – whether they are peripherals connected to an Endpoint, a Network element connected to the network, or through the Wireless access network (BYOD or other).

Sepio’s Visibility and Rogue Device Mitigation solution supports MSSPs architectures – Site-to-Site or Multi-tenant. With an easy and a speedy deployment process – Your customers will be able to enjoy a new level of asset visibility and a hardened Cybersecurity posture.

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