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Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures

cyber attacks on critical infrastructure

What are critical infrastructures?

Critical infrastructure is recognized by governments as the body of systems, networks and assets (be that physical or virtual). It is so essential that their continued operation is required to ensure the security of a given nation, its economy and the public’s health and/or safety. Essentially, these are assets that are crucial for the functioning of society.

The destruction of these assets would have a debilitating effect on security in all aspects. Additionally, the consequences are so perilous that mitigating any cyber security threat to critical infrastructure is imperative.

Protect critical infrastructures with asset visibility

Many times, enterprises’ IT and security teams struggle in providing complete and accurate visibility into their hardware assets, especially in today’s extremely challenging IT/OT/IoT environment. This is due to the fact that often, there is a lack of visibility, which leads to a weakened policy enforcement of hardware access. This may result in security accidents, such as ransomware attacks, data leakage, etc.
In order to address this challenge, ultimate visibility into your Hardware assets is required, regardless of their characteristics and the interface used for connection as attackers. Moreover, it is important to be practical and adjust to the dynamic cybersecurity defenses put in place to block them, as well as take advantage of the “blind” spots – mainly through USB Human Interface Device (HID) emulating devices or Physical layer network implants. Learn how to prevent cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure
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November 1st, 2020