Manipulated Peripheral Devices-Brief

manipulated peripheral devices

A manipulated peripheral was discovered in air-gapped environment (in the natural gas industry). It was found that a Microsoft mouse had a Raspberry Pi module hidden inside and had gone undetected within environment for months…

The module was programmed to run a PowerShell script which built and executed a hidden communication channel using the wireless interface of the Raspberry PI, bypassing the air-gapped environment. Highly sensitive data was exfiltrated.

HAC-1 detected the attack tool by collecting physical layer 1 information on the endpoint which determined the presence of the infected peripheral device. The physical layer 1 information provided information on which endpoint machine the device was connected to which accelerated the investigation.

manipulated peripheral devices

Hardware Assets Control solution for manipulated peripheral devices.

Sepio Systems Hardware Access Control HAC-1, provides 100% hardware device visibility.

HAC-1 enables Hardware Access Control by setting rules based on the devices characteristics.

HAC-1 instantly detects any devices which breach the set rules and automatically block them to prevent malicious attacks.

The idea is to Verify and then Trust that those assets are what they say they are.

Sepio Systems HAC-1 brings the ultimate solution to zero trust adoption by providing 100% hardware device visibility for manipulated peripheral devices.

With greater visibility, the zero-trust architecture can grant access decisions with complete information.

Thus, enhancing the enterprise’s protection within, and outside of, its traditional perimeters.

The Hardware Access Control capabilities of HAC-1, block Rogue Devices as soon as they are detected

HAC-1 stop an attack at the first instance, not even allowing such devices to make network access requests.

HAC-1 is here to protect Government Agencies and the nation’s critical infrastructure

Embracing Zero Trust Hardware Access in critical infrastructure is key.

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