I am Sepio Blog

I am Sepio Blog

I haven’t worked at Sepio for long, but the journey is one I am compelled to write. A few months ago, I never would have imagined changing jobs. Statistically speaking, I will be swept into same category as millions of others, a part of the so-called Great Resignation. I hadn’t planned on leaving my previous job, having been there for nearly fifteen years. In fact, our family had just purchased our first home, a small condo as close to my previous employment as possible, affordable even. Over the years I grew as a person, and even started a family. I learned to swing dance, attended astronomy club meetings at the observatory, had intellectual discussions with other staff, students and faculty, attended lectures, classes, concerts and study groups. I learned a lot, both personally and professionally, and the community was wonderful, one of which I still consider family.

So, why the change?

To be completely transparent, there was a small hiccup in our office that caused me to respond to someone reaching out on behalf of Sepio, a connection I would typically ignore. It opened the door for a curiosity to sneak in. After some research I grew interested and accepted the invitation for an interview. The more research I did about Sepio, the goal, and those involved, the more excited I grew.
I arrived more than an hour early, the commute nearly an hour itself. Walking around the building, I established my bearings, and found the entrance to the office itself. The glass door showed a television screen inside on the wall, far from ostentatious, but displaying the company logo in animation with care and a sense of professionalism. Organized on a shelf below, a few awards had been evenly spaced. In one of the two chairs, a skeleton sat, making me question how long I might have to wait for my interview. Then I recalled Halloween was only a few days away.

The Interview

Ringing the doorbell, I was greeted and brought to a conference room. There was a sense of peace, perhaps ushered in by the fact that the attire for the interview was “confirmed business casual.” I should arrive having followed the instructions provided, so it was my first interview without the discomfort of a tie. I was interviewed by two individuals, one who whom was a founder of Sepio. The interview was well-balanced, by which I mean both sides were interested in learning about one another and welcoming of such inquiry. Little concern seemed to be given to vetting of qualifications, even though the conversation weaved in and out of the technical.
A moment was spent ensuring I was comfortable leaving my current employment. While I am sure there was some sense of business behind the question, I felt genuine concern for the decision I would have to make should they offer me the job. The same was true about my comfort with the commute for the time being.
Most interesting, however, was a question. The co-founder was trying to solve a particular problem they had encountered, and was curious about any ideas I might have. The immediate answer to the problem was one that had not worked, but we brainstormed through a couple of other options together. This collaboration, in an interview, which did not end in an answer, intrigued me. As a natural problem-solver, it kept my attention even after accepting the offer of employment. In fact, we are still working on the solution as I write, close to achieving success.

I am Sepio, the Inspiration

After the interview, I walked out to the parking lot and sat in the car for ten or fifteen minutes, thinking things through. I found myself inspired, both by the people I met and the goal they had set out to achieve. The vision was bold, but defined and achievable. The solution was elegant, something inherent in all simplicity, like an equation distilled into a few variables unlocking the secrets of the universe. I found it awe-inspiring, something that I became very eager to learn more about.

Everyday I work at Sepio, I am greeted by challenges and colleagues interested in facing them together. I work together with people from Israel, Portugal and the United States, and have already had the honor of meeting most of them in-person thanks to a recent company event. Ideas are welcomed and everyone is committed to the goal, to sculpting the solution subtly in their own way to forge a collective masterpiece. I feel immensely lucky to be a part of something I believe in so strongly, securing the world with Sepio.

March 15th, 2022