Security Governance

Security Governance

Our security governance frame.
Some of the most experienced professionals in the space of information security were brought in to lead, develop, and deploy Sepio information security framework.

Security Governance Dedicated Security Team

A Dedicated Security Team
The team, led and managed by a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), includes DevSecOps, GRC, application security, and infrastructure experts and side-by-side collaboration with embedded security champions within R&D teams.

Security Governance Security Steering Committee

Security Steering Committee
To ensure that security responsibility extends across our entire organization’s functions, activities, and product road map, Sepio’s leadership prioritizes a monthly security steering committee to review Sepio security framework status, progress, and company security risk registry.

Security Governance Awareness Training Program

Awareness Training Program
All employees, from the time they begin their career through their full tenure, are enrolled on a bi-weekly basis for company-wide security awareness training on topics such as phishing, emerging information threats, and other industry-related security topics.

Security Governance Third Party Security

Third-Party Security
Vendors are certified and undergo annual reviews to validate ongoing compliance with our security standards.

Bounty Program

If you want to know more about Sepio’s security framework or you would like to make a security disclosure, please don’t hesitate to contact our CISO at: