Secure Development

Secure Development

How we’ve secured our development.
From security design review to rigorous penetration testing, Sepio commits to the highest industry standard of secure development life cycle.

secure development S-SDLC

Secure – Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC)
Code changes undergo rigorous automated and manual testing, including dynamic application security testing (DAST) and peer reviews in a staging environment to ensure code quality before its deployment to production.

Application OWASP

Application – OWASP
Sepio follows the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 methodology to build in application security for our secure software development life cycle (S-SDLC).

Code Security

Code Security
We use multiple tools to scan our code for vulnerabilities throughout the different stages of the code development, testing and integration into the final built package.

Software Supply Chain

Software Supply Chain
All software libraries and ingredients are automatically checked for publicly disclosed vulnerabilities using a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) tool to manage our software supply chain risk.

Secure Development Environments Segregation

Environments Segregation
Production servers environment is completely isolated from development, staging, and build environments.

Bounty Program

If you want to know more about Sepio’s security framework or you would like to make a security disclosure, please don’t hesitate to contact our CISO at: