IT Cybersecurity

Corporate Security Measures

How we’ve secured our corporate infrastructure.
From endpoint protection and management defense layers to a dedicated, protected internal network and multiple security protection layers.

IT Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection
Microsoft Defender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is installed on all endpoints to maintain real time security protection and monitoring per latest security best practice. In addition, we use BitLocker to encrypt the data on all endpoints.

IT Cybersecurity Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management
Microsoft Intune MDM platform monitors all laptops to maintain real time compliance and control with security standards.

IT Cybersecurity IT Network Protection

Network Protection
We utilize a firewall to protect our networked company resources, and VPN to secure and authenticate our internal network. There is a separate, isolated wireless network for guest devices.

IT Cybersecurity Security Assessments

Security Assessments
We use rotating third-parties to perform penetration testing and verify there are no exploitable vulnerabilities in our IT systems on a regular basis.

Consolidated IT Ecosystem

Consolidated IT Ecosystem
Our entire IT and security environment relies on a single provider – Microsoft – known for the highest standards in security.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Cloud Infrastructure Security
Our infrastructure environment is based on Microsoft Azure – known for the highest standards in security.

Bounty Program

If you want to know more about Sepio’s security framework or you would like to make a security disclosure, please don’t hesitate to contact our CISO at: