Why Asset Visibility is Crucial in Smart Building Cyber Security

smart security

What are Smart Buildings?

Industry 4.0 facilitated the convergence of IT and OT assets through smart, connected devices collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (IoTs). The technological advancement has sparked widespread digitalization, and buildings are no exception. Smart buildings, as they are known, rely on IoT sensors and artificial intelligence to simplify or automate building functions and processes using real-time data. Naturally, this allows for the more efficient and economical use of resources while also enhancing safety and comfort.

The Cybersecurity Risk of Smart Buildings

IoTs are the foundation of smart buildings. This, however, means there is an increased number of devices in use, which, in turn, expands the attack surface. Any smart device, being that it is connected, provides an attacker with network access; and as IoTs typically lack sufficient security features, they are highly vulnerable. Additionally, the interconnected environment means IoTs are exposed to other attacks on the network. In short, breaching one device (smart or not) puts the entire network in jeopardy.

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