Smart Building CyberSecurity

Smart Building Cybersecurity

Smart building cybersecurity is a critical aspect of the modern urban landscape. Industry 4.0 facilitated the convergence of IT and OT assets through smart, connected devices collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT Security). The technological advancement has sparked widespread digitalization, and buildings are no exception. Smart Building, as they are known, rely on IoT sensors and artificial intelligence to simplify or automate building functions and processes using real-time data. Naturally, this allows for the more efficient and economical use of resources while also enhancing safety and comfort.

Smart Building, Smart Security

Sepio’s solution gets to the root cause of the problem: visibility. Through Layer 1 visibility, Sepio goes deeper than any other security solution, offering unparalleled asset visibility. Sepio creates a digital fingerprint of all devices through multiple Layer 1 parameters and a unique machine learning algorithm to provide ultimate visibility of all IT/OT/IoT assets. Managed, unmanaged, or hidden. In turn, Sepio generates a comprehensive and accurate hardware asset inventory that integrates with an enterprise’s CMDB for automated asset management, crucial for maintaining smart building cybersecurity. For smart buildings and their interconnected environment, complete asset visibility and automated asset management is an imperative starting point to strengthening cyber hygiene.

Zero Trust Hardware Access

Leveraging Layer 1 visibility enables Sepio to safeguard network integrity by offering greater control over all hardware assets through its Hardware Access Control feature. The system administrator defines a set of hardware access policies for the system to enforce based on a device’s digital fingerprint and associated risk, further enhancing smart building cybersecurity.

This Zero Trust Hardware Access approach enables comprehensive access control of hardware assets, including non 802.1x compliant devices. When a device breaches the pre-defined rules or gets identified as malicious by the internal threat intelligence database, Sepio immediately initiates an automated mitigation process to block the device through integrated third-party tools. The Rogue Device Mitigation feature protects the entire network from potentially perilous hardware based attacks that threaten the functionality of smart buildings.

Visibility and Security of Hardware Assets

Complete Visibility of all Hardware Assets: With all devices and anomalies detected, enterprises benefit from a greater overall cybersecurity posture. Gaining full visibility of all hardware devices from endpoint peripherals to connected devices (IT/OT/IoT), Sepio uses unique physical layer hardware fingerprinting technology and data augmentation from endpoints and networks.

Full Control Through Predefined Policies: Enterprise-wide policies enable compliance, regulation and best practices. With predefined templates and no baselining or whitelisting. And no requirement for a clean environment start, Sepio provides a fast and easy setup, essential for maintaining smart building cybersecurity.

Rogue Device Mitigation (RDM): Threat mitigation upon discovery of rogue or threatening devices. Integrations with existing security platforms such as NACs and SOARs for mitigation and remediation enhancements.

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
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Smart Building Cybersecurity
June 7th, 2022