Realcomm IBcon 2024

Realcomm IBcon 2024

Realcomm Conference Group is a prominent organization dedicated to providing education, networking, and collaboration opportunities for professionals involved in technology, innovation, and commercial real estate (CRE).
Intelligent Building Conference, IBcon 2024, a segment of the Realcomm conference series, will occur from June 20-21, 2024, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. IBcon is known as the premier event for smart, connected, high-performance, and sustainable buildings. This year’s theme, “Beyond the Hype: Business-Driven Technology Strategies for a Shifting CRE Market,” will focus on the integration of advanced technologies and business strategies to enhance the commercial real estate (CRE) sector.

The Conference

The conference will address current challenges and innovative solutions driven by advancements such as artificial intelligence. It aims to provide insights into creating safer, more efficient, and engaging building environments. Attendees can expect a comprehensive program featuring presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

For more details about the event, including registration information and the full schedule, you can visit the Realcomm 2024 and IBcon 2024 websites.

Conference Focus Areas

Technology and Innovation: Exploring how emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and big data are transforming the CRE industry.

Smart Buildings: Promoting the development and management of intelligent buildings that enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and occupant experience. Internet of Things (IoT) for buildings.

Cybersecurity: Addressing the growing importance of cybersecurity in protecting real estate assets and data. Protecting building management systems from cyber threats. Data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Sustainability: Emphasizing sustainable practices and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of commercial buildings.

Protecting Real Estate Assets and Data

Sepio’s platform is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution tailored for real estate and smart buildings, ensuring robust protection across networks and endpoints. Key features and benefits of Sepio’s platform include:

Comprehensive Asset Visibility: Sepio enables the complete physical layer visibility of all connected assets on your network. This includes devices connected via USB or network interfaces.

Hardware-Based Risk Assessment: The platform assesses the risk associated with each hardware asset. Identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats from malicious devices (Hardware Cyber Security).

Real-Time Risk Management: Sepio provides robust risk management capabilities for all hardware assets. It detects and mitigates risks in real-time, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure (Asset Risk Management).

Detection and Mitigation of Malicious Assets: The solution detect and mitigate risks from malicious assets in enterprise environments. It covers a wide array of devices, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Blocking and Control Options: Sepio can block each USB port, disabling risky assets immediately upon connection. This real-time blocking capability plays a crucial role in preventing potential security breaches (Preventing USB Attacks).

Policy Configuration: Users can easily configure granular policies tailored to their specific needs or opt for Sepio’s default settings. These policies help manage and control the usage of USB and network interfaces effectively.

Sepio’s platform offers a unique and effective solution for protecting real estate and smart building environments from hardware-based cybersecurity threats. Its focus on visibility, real-time risk management, and comprehensive control makes it an essential tool for modern infrastructure security.

June 21st, 2024