Lenovo ThinkShield Collaboration to Revolutionize Hardware Security

Lenovo ThinkShield

Sepio, the autonomous cybersecurity platform company, announced collaboration with Lenovo™ to integrate Sepio’s Asset Risk Management solution within Lenovo’s ThinkShield security portfolio. Lenovo customers can now purchase devices with Sepio, giving them ultimate asset visibility, real-time policy enforcement, enhanced IoT security, and Rogue Device Mitigation. Sepio leverages physical layer information, which is augmented by a patented Machine Learning algorithm, to establish an objective DNA profile for every known and shadow asset.

Security by Design” is the foundation upon which Lenovo builds its ThinkShield portfolio, helping protect customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of endpoint security solutions. With today’s announcement, Sepio is now part of Lenovo’s ThinkShield security offerings, empowering workstations and servers to autonomously defend themselves in real-time. Sepio’s novel approach to hardware security uses physical layer information to dive deeper into every device’s true identity, enabling Zero Trust Hardware Access by objectively identifying every hardware asset, marking it with its respective risk score, and enforcing granular hardware access control rules.

Sepio Complete Device Visibility

Sepio empowers robust Zero Trust Hardware Access by employing a policy enforcement mechanism that empowers system administrators to define stringent or more granular policies, aligning with device characteristics.

The Zero Trust Hardware Access policies adhere to the principle of least privilege, a cornerstone of Zero Trust (ZT), by regulating resource access based on the device’s role and identity. The device visibility and policy enforcement capabilities forms the core of Sepio’s solution, addressing the mitigation of rogue devices. This synergy ensures the comprehensive application of preset policies across all assets, promptly identifying and responding to any device breaches. In the event of a breach, Sepio initiates an automatic mitigation process, swiftly blocking unauthorized or rogue hardware.

Sepio actively contributes to Zero Trust Access by preventing network access to malicious devices that may circumvent conventional Zero Trust security measures.

Lenovo ThinkShield Zero Trust Hardware Access

Ultimate device visibility that reveals a device’s true identity by validating its physical layer information. Accordingly reveals assets true identity and Instantly detects the presence of vulnerable or rogue devices.

Policy enforcement mechanism defined by a strict, or more granular, set of rules that enables Zero Trust Hardware Access based on the device’s characteristics.

Rogue device mitigation that automatically blocks devices which breach the pre-set policy, protecting data and resources from unauthorized Zero Trust Access.

March 28th, 2023