Sepio Asset Risk Management Release

Sepio Asset Risk Management Release

Sepio, the leading provider in Asset Risk Management, launched the newest version of its platform, enabling organizations to regain control of their complex and dynamic asset ecosystems. Sepio Asset Risk Management (ARM) release gives customers the ability to manage their asset risks with granular controls based on Sepio’s true Asset DNA. Leveraging the platform’s patented physical layer-based technology. Additionally, Sepio seamlessly integrates with existing tools to enhance organizations’ day-to-day cybersecurity operations with its field-proven technology.

Inflated digital complexities, spurred on by the proliferation of connected devices, the convergence of IT, OT, and IoT, and the growing trend of hybrid work, have made it increasingly difficult for organizations to manage their asset risks and maintain regulatory compliance. Organizations require a single, consolidated view of their entire asset ecosystem. Which they can subsequently manage with granular risk-based controls that are automatically enforced.

“We understand the challenges that come with controlling asset risk and mitigating cybersecurity threats in a rapidly evolving digital business environment,” said Yossi Appleboum, CEO and co-founder of Sepio. “We want to relieve security teams and IT managers of those challenges so they can manage their asset risks with confidence and ease. I am excited to release to the market the latest version of Sepio. Which provides the necessary features to support security teams and IT managers in their mission. Developed based on our years of real-world experience and invaluable feedback from our loyal customers and security analysts.”

Asset Risk Management Release

Sepio’s patented physical-layer based technology provides continuous, holistic visibility of all IT, OT, and IoT assets across an enterprise’s network and endpoints, down to their peripherals. Even those that lack unique identifiers and are difficult to detect using alternative methods.

Sepio’s Asset DNA establishes trust in each asset’s identity by analyzing unique characteristics that cannot be altered or spoofed by attackers. Ensuring reliable device monitoring and detection of unauthorized or rogue devices.

The unparalleled visibility of IT, OT and IoT assets in a single pane of view, scaled across the entire asset surface, helps security teams better understand their complex asset ecosystem. And serves as the crucial foundation to effective asset risk management.

Granular Policies

Sepio offers flexible and granular policy creation. Allowing organizations to control their asset risks according to their specific business needs and regulatory requirements. Customers can create multiple, differentiated policies based on various parameters, including asset hardware and software characteristics. Such as device type or vendor, Sepio Asset Risk Factors, or custom tags for even greater versatility.

By establishing fine-grained scalable policies to manage asset risks, organizations can manage their diverse asset surface with flexibility, close control gaps, and uphold compliance requirements.

Automated Enforcement

Sepio enables action at scale by automatically enforcing policies uniformly and definitively across the entire asset surface. Allowing organizations to regain and maintain control of their dynamic ecosystem.

Automated policy enforcement saves organizations from the unreliability and inconsistency of manual enforcement, whereby policies may not be applied coherently. It also enables organizations to respond to threats faster, significantly reducing the mean time to remediation.

“Security teams and IT managers require a reliable asset inventory, upon which they can automatically enforce flexible, tailor-made risk-based policies. We’re proud to bring such capabilities to the market in a single solution. Making it easier than ever before for organizations to manage their asset risks”, said Appleboum.

April 19th, 2023