ATM Jackpotting

ATM Jackpotting

One of the main threat to ATM security is ATM Jackpotting Attacks. ATM Jackpotting is a type of logical attack that instructs the machine to dispense cash at a rapid pace.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) are a prime target for hackers due to the amount of money inside of them and the easy access to obtaining it. Some ATMs are filled with over $2,000 a day. That’s $14,000 a week. And $56,000 a month. Give or take the money going out from transactions, that is still a hefty sum of money….

Rogue Devices and ATM Jackpotting Attacks

ATM Security is susceptible to jackpotting, an attack that causes the machine to rapidly spit out bills. ATM Jackpotting attacks result in significant financial losses for the ATM operator. In 2021, two criminals carried out black box attacks across Europe and stole more than $273,000 from ATMs. However, direct monetary loss is not the only financial implication of ATM Jackpotting. Additional consequences, such as reputational damage and loss of customers, incur long-term fiscal impacts.

Hardware attack tools (collectively known as Rogue Devices) operate on Physical Layer and do not get detected by existing security software solutions, such as NAC, IDS, EPS, and more, due to a lack of Layer 1 visibility. Their covert nature means Rogue Devices bypass security controls, making them extremely harmful attack tools. By attaching a spoofed peripheral or hidden network implant to the ATM, bad actors can carry out jackpotting attacks without raising security alarms. Moreover, the sophistication of these devices allows perpetrators to carry out their attacks remotely, thus increasing their anonymity and reducing the risk of getting caught.

Sepio Protects Your Hardware Devices Through Layer 1 Visibility

Heavy spending on cybersecurity should bring a high return on investment, yet gaps in visibility limit this, especially in the face of emerging threats like ATM Jackpotting Attacks. Sepio’s provides a panacea to gaps in asset visibility to ensure you are getting the most out of your cybersecurity investments. Sepio integrates with existing solutions, such as NAC, EPS, SIEM and SOAR, to enhance asset risk management for financial institutions. The platform’s deep visibility capabilities mean no device goes unmanaged. Identifying, detecting, and handling all IT/OT/IoT devices, including those critical to preventing ATM Jackpotting Attacks.

Sepio has successfully detected and blocked rogue devices at top tier banks’ ATMs. Give us just 24 hours to show you how we can protect your ATM and stop you from becoming an attacker’s next slot machine.

ATM Jackpotting Attack

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July 19th, 2022