Captain RDM – Episode #6 – Lights On!

State sponsored criminals want to create a kill-switch through a supply chain attack on our beloved country’s main energy production site! Who will be there to help us?! Right again! Our beloved Captain RDM.

Follow the never ending adventures of our superhero as he confronts cyber crime, state sponsored activities, internal abusers and supply chain attacks.

Hardware with embedded malware can enter your organization from a third-party supplier. That supplier may have a vicious employee looking to create damage, or one that has unknowingly allowed for this to happen. Either way, for the criminal the jackpot is to get an organization to use the malicious hardware to extract sensitive data. Ultimately, we need to make sure that not only do our third-party suppliers have sufficient risk management methods in place. However, as Eric Doerr emphasized, also ensure that the employees work thoroughly, and with the right intentions. So employing someone with a history of cyber crime is probably not someone you would want your supplier to higher.

August 16th, 2020