Sepio’s Cyber Risk Management Platform

The Sepio platform uses a novel algorithm; a combination of a Physical Layer DNA profiling module coupled with a Machine Learning module – providing the sought-after Physical Layer visibility and policy enforcement level. It is further augmented by a threat intelligence database, ensuring a lower risk to hardware infrastructure and achieving an incomparable asset risk management.

How is our Cyber Risk Management Platform different?

Existing solutions rely on data gathered and analyzed from L2 to L7 – leaving L1, the Physical Layer, unattended. Our revolutionary asset risk management solution focuses on bridging this visibility gap by analyzing Physical Layer data, uncovering all connected assets, and verifying their true identity so you can confidently trust them. MAC-less devices, unmanaged assets, spoofing and legitimate devices – You will see it all.

Sepio’s solution generates a Physical Layer DNA profiling for every connected device, based on multiple Physical Layer parameters, which is then analyzed by our machine learning algorithm resulting in a new visibility level, which has not been achieved before.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

No traffic monitoring

No traffic monitoring means no port-mirroring configurations and networking infrastructure changes and most important no risk of private data leakage.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Rapid deployment

With multiple deployment options including: Agentless, Zero Trust, and Agent-based. Usually it would take less than 24hrs to deploy a full blown Sepio solution in your enterprise.

OT Assets

No baseline or training

An immediate ROI – once deployed, Sepio’s solution will provide full asset visibility and detect uncontrolled assets, even if they were deployed before Sepio.

Asset Risk Management

HAC-1 Overview

Complete Visibility of Assets

Complete visibility to all of your assets – whether connected as a peripheral or a network element.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Uncontrolled Asset Mitigation

Mitigate devices that operate at the Physical Layer or HID impersonating devices.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Low Cost of Ownership

Easy to operate, requiring low maintenance and human intervention overhead.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Asset Policy Enforcement

Enforce specific hardware usage – creating granular access control based on roles or device characteristics.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Actionable Measures

No rules or post-processing required. Required measures are clearly delivered to the user.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Native 3rd Party Integrations

Out-of-the-box integration with leading cybersecurity products as well as other 3rd party vendors tools.