Complete Physical Layer Security with Sepio’s Solution

Sepio’s solution provides all your asset risk management needs, enables physical layer visibility, enforces hardware asset policies, and mitigates rogue devices.

Advance your physical layer security and upgrade your cybersecurity posture with Sepio.

Existing Cybersecurity Solutions
Lack Physical Layer Visibility

Nor do they have the capability to enforce granular policies. Manage the risks related to your assets by using our Asset Risk Management solution, and reclaim your physical layer visibility.

Complete Hardware Asset Visibility with Physical Layer Fingerprinting

Cyber crime organizations and state sponsored activities exploit those “blind spots” to gain access to your organization’s most valuable assets. They do this by injecting malware, ransomware, and leaking data through the use of Rogue Devices. These devices are detected only by Sepio’s physical layer fingerprinting algorithm, which provides full physical layer security and visibility.

Physical Layer Security with Sepio

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Actionable Measures

No rules or post-processing required. Required measures are clearly delivered to the user.

HAC-1 Overview

Complete Physical Layer Visibility

Complete hardware asset visibility – whether connected as a peripheral or a network element.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Low Cost Ownership

Easy to operate, requiring low maintenance and human intervention overhead.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Hardware Asset Policy Enforcement

Enforce specific hardware asset usage – creating granular access control based on roles or devices characteristics.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Easily Integrated with Other Solutions

Out-of-the-box integration with leading cybersecurity products as well as other 3rd. party vendors tools.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

Rogue Device Mitigation

Mitigate devices that operate at L1 (physical layer) or HID impersonating devices.

Physical Layer Security is the Cornerstone of the OSI Model

osi model

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