Captain RDM – Episode #5 – Pop Quiz

On this episode, our super hero comes to the rescue as his beloved CISO encounters a visibility issue.

Follow the never ending adventures of our superhero as he confronts cyber crime, state sponsored activities, internal abusers and supply chain attacks.

Bad actors can gain access to the camera’s footage and determine the easiest way to gain entry to a building to carry out further hardware attacks on an organization. The footage can highlight the areas with the fewest guards, when the premises is emptiest and where certain assets are located. Alternatively, perpetrators can manipulate the footage being displayed – either showing a black screen or replaying old footage. This can allow them to gain physical entry to the building without being noticed or identified. Moreover, it can be extremely useful when attempting to conduct additional hardware attacks since physical access is required.

Furthermore, since some cameras allow for two-way communication, the attacker can instruct an employee with insider privileges to conduct an attack via the camera. This can be either as a result of blackmail, or a disgruntled employee looking to harm the organization that wronged them.

So, today, when using CCTV cameras, one must ask: am I using this camera to watch them, or are they using this camera to watch me?

August 16th, 2020