Sepio Funding Round Raises $22M

Securing shadow IT assets

We are proud to announce that we have raised $22 million as part of a series B funding round. This significant milestone is a testament to the value Sepio brings in securing organizations against hardware-based threats such as rogue devices and shadow IT assets.

Sepio’s funding will indeed be instrumental in advancing our efforts to combat hardware-based threats, particularly those involving rogue devices. These threats pose significant cybersecurity risks to organizations, as they can bypass traditional security measures and directly compromise the integrity of networks.

With the support of this funding, Sepio will be able to invest in further research and development to enhance our hardware cybersecurity platform. This includes refining our rogue device detection technologies, improving our capabilities to identify and mitigate threats posed by unauthorized hardware, and expanding our reach to better protect a wide range of organizations from these insidious attacks.

Sepio’s Role in Cybersecurity

The Sepio platform empowers organizations by providing comprehensive visibility into their hardware network assets, allowing for simplified and efficient control. With Sepio, organizations can easily monitor and manage their hardware ecosystem, ensuring security and optimizing operations.

  • Device Identification: Advanced methods to detect and identify all connected devices, including rogue ones and those part of shadow IT.
  • Behavior Analysis: Monitoring device behavior to identify anomalies that could indicate malicious activity.
  • Policy Enforcement: Enforcing policies to block or quarantine unauthorized devices and assets.
  • Visibility and Control: Providing organizations with visibility into all connected hardware and control over what devices can access the network.
November 6th, 2022