Cyber Defense TV – Yossi Appleboum

Cyber Defense TV - Yossi-Appleboum

In this interview with Cyber Defense TV, Yossi Appleboum, CEO at Sepio, talks about asset risk management challenges for different industries and where it’s heading.

Asset management will evolve to put greater importance on asset risk, as the identification of assets only gets you so far. For asset management to really support the cybersecurity strategy, the risk factor cannot be ignored; it provides the context needed to execute a robust cybersecurity strategy. Enterprises will find that, in order to secure their environment, the asset risk factor is non-negotiable.

Focusing on device existence and being able to detect devices just because they are there and not because they act or do not act (based on what we predict), makes us more modern and more resilient.

Our approach is ‘let’s focus on existence, let’s understand what we have, and what every element inside our hardware inventory is bringing – and based on that we’ll be able to assess if we are in a risky zone or not.

Watch the full Cyber Defense TV interview below.

October 26th, 2022