Asset Visibility is Necessary for Minimal Supply Chain Risks

Asset Visibility is Necessary

Supply chains are incredibly complex, with the interconnected networks of partner companies sourcing materials and moving them to production. Since they involve so many steps, workers and companies there’s potential for something to go wrong at some point. Security is even more challenging due to the increasing number of network devices as companies seek to improve their business, manufacturing and supply chain operations. This device boom means more supply chain manipulation opportunities. Interruptions can occur at any point in the supply chain, opening the doors to security risks. Organizations cannot identify that something went wrong let alone when, where and how a compromise occurred.

Knowledge is power. Asset visibility’s impact on asset risk management attests to this fact. Complete familiarity with the physical layer and each network device helps develop a plan to mitigate risks that could lead to attacks. Only once this oversight is achieved will we be able to spot what doesn’t belong and has the potential to jeopardize an organization.

February 7th, 2023