Data Privacy Day and Ensuring our Safety in 2023

Data Privacy Day

As you may already know, Data Privacy Day, also known in Europe as Data Protection Day, is globally recognized each year on January 28th. Some have now even extended this to a weeklong celebration. The event’s purpose is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. 

VMblog has spoken with experts from a number of companies, and they had a lot to say about this very timely and important topic.

Yossi Appleboum, CEO, Sepio

“Corporations will need to be aware of the risk level that assets pose and handle them by ascribing an “asset risk factor score” to each device on the network. Hardware assets – i.e., wireless combo keyboards and mice, which are known to be vulnerable — can easily be used to sniff out and capture sensitive data. There are multiple data leakage options using hardware assets that bypass existing security solutions (i.e., capturing a user screen by running an HID scripting tool and exfiltrating the information through public comments to video platforms).”

January 29th, 2023