Asset visibility and vulnerability detection

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Yossi Appleboum, CEO of Sepio, talks about Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)’s operational directive for non-military federal agencies to adopt a strict set of asset visibility and vulnerability detection system starting as early as April of 2023. Yossi discusses this directive, saying that it takes FCEB agencies out of the cybersecurity stone ages and into the future. Can it work in such a short time frame? Yossi has thoughts!

0:00 – Asset visibility and vulnerability detection
3:10 – First getting into cybersecurity
6:21 – Co-founding cybersecurity companies
9:30 – What it’s like as CEO of a cybersecurity company
13:00 – Ambassador of the Global Cyber Alliance
15:32 – CISA’s operational directive for federal agencies
19:25 – What are asset management and vulnerability?
24:40 – What comes after asset protection?
28:40 – CISA’s deadline for asset visibility compliance
30:40 – Job outlook for asset visibility and vulnerability detection
35:07 – Work experience needed for asset visibility roles
36:30 – How to work in asset visibility
40:04 – How will this CISA directive change cybersecurity?
41:50 – What is Sepio?
43:56 – Learn more about Yossi Appleboum
44:50 – Outro

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February 14th, 2023