Need to keep those Retail POS protected?

Our HAC-1 solution will make sure that your PoS keeps cashing-in and that customers’ data is not cashing-out.

Main Benefits

OT Assets

Service Continuity

Maintaining service continuity, making sure that your customers are always served.

OT Assets

Risk Management Compliance

Achieving a higher level of risk management compliance.

Shield with a person inside and a checkmark.

Data Protection

Making sure that manipulated Hardware devices are not used for ex-filtrating your customers’ data.

OT Assets

Full Asset Visibility

Making sure that all assets are known and accounted for.

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Insider Risk

Organizations should be aware of insider threats-employees who reveal confidential information for personal gain, which can easily be done with a rogue device.


Captain RDM – Episode #13 – Retailer’s Nightmare

Keep your PoS running


A Retailer’s Nightmare

The retail industry is no stranger to cyberattacks, being one of the top targets for bad actors. In recent years, attackers have turned to Rogue Devices – manipulated devices that act with malicious intent – to conduct hardware attacks due to their discreet nature, allowing the attack to go undetected for long periods of time….

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