Asset Risk Management for Retail

Our solution will make sure that your PoS keeps cashing-in and that customers’ data is not cashing-out.

Retail cybersecurity challenges

Keep customers’ data safe and your retail business running

Your customers trust you to prevent data breaches by mitigating cyber risks and protecting them against criminal activities.

PoS systems can be a victim to a malware injection, which allows attackers to store and capture credit/debit card data used by customers.

Devices used to manipulate PoS systems have become much more inconspicuous, making them increasingly difficult to detect.

This presents an alarming risk as an attack can go undetected for a long period of time, increasing the damage caused.

Main Benefits

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Service Continuity

Maintaining service continuity, making sure that your customers are always served.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Risk Management Compliance

Achieving a higher level of risk management compliance.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Data Protection

Making sure that manipulated Hardware devices are not used for ex-filtrating your customers’ data.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Full Asset Visibility

Making sure that all assets are known and accounted for.

Don’t let your holiday season be ruined

Getting locked out of your PoS could really ruin your revenue during high season, having them disconnected from the Internet is not good enough, as it is now extremely easy for an attacker to run a local ransomware campaign using hardware-based attack tools that go undetected by existing cybersecurity tools.

Let us help you keep those PoS transactions coming.