Captain RDM – Drones and Hacked Raspberry Pi: Meet the family

Have you ever considered the possibility of a hacked Raspberry Pi cyberattack? Drones are often associated with capturing mesmerizing aerial footage or supporting military operations, but they can also serve as alarming accomplices in cyber attacks.

As cybercriminals increasingly embrace covert hardware-based attacks, gaining physical access to the target becomes a major challenge. While social engineering and supply chain infiltration are common strategies, attackers have discovered an ingenious approach that bypasses the need for direct physical presence—a technique involving drones.

Operating from concealed locations, hackers can fly drones in close proximity to their targets, leveraging Raspberry Pi devices not as the primary source of cyber attacks, but as powerful tools that facilitate the breach.

In a tale of unexpected events, join Captain RDM and his family as they celebrate his daughter’s graduation, only to face a perilous situation. A student endeavors to hack into the graduation presentation using a hacked Raspberry Pi attached to a drone. Witness how Captain RDM, with the assistance of his wife and daughter, races against time to save the graduation ceremony. Brace yourself for an enthralling experience!

Embark on a riveting journey alongside our superhero, as he confronts a myriad of cyber threats, including state-sponsored activities, internal abusers, and supply chain attacks. Stay tuned for captivating adventures that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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November 15th, 2020