Webinar: From the CISO – IT/IoT risk management in financial services

Webinar from the CISO Financial Services

3 top CISOs came together to share with you insights for how to close the asset visibility and risk management gap.

Monique Shivanandan, CISO at HSBC, Carl Froggett, former CISO Infrastructure Defense at Citi, and Ilan Kaplan, CSO at Sepio, joined us for a discussion about managing the risks of connected assets in the finance industry.

Managing IT asset risks is no easy feat in the heavily regulated financial services industry. Monique, Carl, and Ilan provided first-hand knowledge on the why and how of managing connected asset risks in large banks.

You will learn about:

  • IT asset risks and challenges of current management methods in financial services
  • Managing risks in accordance with current and future global regulations
  • Visibility as a fundamental aspect of managing IT asset risks

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February 23rd, 2023