TechNet Cyber 2022 – Baltimore

Technet cyber. April 26-28 - Baltimore convention center. Join Sepio in booth #2917.

Join us on April 26-28th for the upcoming TechNet Cyber Baltimore 2022 event where we will be presenting the most innovative Zero Trust Hardware Access solution!

TechNet Cyber Baltimore 2022 will be the staging area for military, industry and academia to discuss and plan how to achieve persistent engagement, persistent presence and innovation. It is the opportunity to devise a new strategy to build resilience and defend networks.

Find us in booth 2917!

The cyberspace battlefield has changed. No longer an arena where adversaries launch a single distributed denial of service attack, lob a virus or infiltrate a network, it is now a state of persistent barrages and simultaneous campaigns. Attacks against high-value targets still occur, but they are accompanied by a torrent of continuous assaults on political, economic and security interests.

Reflecting this altered, enlarged, and pan-organizational battle-space, the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium has been re-named AFCEA TechNet Cyber, forming one of the pillars of the TechNet brand and encompassing both DoD as well as civilian agencies across a broad spectrum of mission sets.

April 26th, 2022